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Controlled Synthesis of Organic/Inorganic van der Waals Solid for Tunable Light-Matter Interactions, Niu, Lin, Liu Xinfeng, Cong Chunxiao, Wu Chunyang, Wu Di, Chang Tay Rong, Wang Hong, Zeng Qingsheng, Zhou Jiadong, Wang Xingli, et al. , Advanced Materials, 12/2015, Volume 27, Number 47, p.7800–7808, (2015)
Dichroic spin-valley photocurrent in monolayer molybdenum disulphide, Eginligil, Mustafa, Cao Bingchen, Wang Zilong, Shen Xiaonan, Cong Chunxiao, Shang Jingzhi, Soci Cesare, and Yu Ting , Nature Communications, 07/2015, Volume 6, p.7636, (2015)
Electrical field tuning of magneto-Raman scattering in monolayer graphene, Shen, Xiaonan, Qiu Caiyu, Cao Bingchen, Cong Chunxiao, Yang Weihuang, Wang Haomin, and Yu Ting , Nano Research, 04/2015, Volume 8, Number 4, p.1139–1147, (2015)
Magnetic oscillation of optical phonon in ABA- and ABC-stacked trilayer graphene, Cong, Chunxiao, Jung Jeil, Cao Bingchen, Qiu Caiyu, Shen Xiaonan, Ferreira Aires, Adam Shaffique, and Yu Ting , Physical Review B, 06/2015, Volume 91, Number 23, p.235403, (2015)
Observation of Excitonic Fine Structure in a 2D Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductor, Shang, Jingzhi, Shen Xiaonan, Cong Chunxiao, Peimyoo Namphung, Cao Bingchen, Eginligil Mustafa, and Yu Ting , Acs Nano, 01/2015, Volume 9, Number 1, p.647–655, (2015)
Stacking sequence determines Raman intensities of observed interlayer shear modes in 2D layered materials - A general bond polarizability model, Luo, Xin, Lu Xin, Cong Chunxiao, Yu Ting, Xiong Qihua, and Quek Su Ying , Scientific Reports, 10/2015, Volume 5, p.14565, (2015)
Thermal conductivity determination of suspended mono- and bilayer WS2 by Raman spectroscopy, Peimyoo, Namphung, Shang Jingzhi, Yang Weihuang, Wang Yanlong, Cong Chunxiao, and Yu Ting , Nano Research, 04/2015, Volume 8, Number 4, p.1210–1221, (2015)
Comparison of surface-enhanced Raman scattering on graphene oxide, reduced graphene oxide and graphene surfaces, Yang, Huanping, Hu Hailong, Ni Zhenhua, Poh Chee Kok, Cong Chunxiao, Lin Jianyi, and Yu Ting , Carbon, 10/2013, Volume 62, p.422–429, (2013)
Contrast and Raman spectroscopy study of single- and few-layered charge density wave material: 2H-TaSe2, Hajiyev, Parviz, Cong Chunxiao, Qiu Caiyu, and Yu Ting , Scientific Reports, 09/2013, Volume 3, (2013)
Nonblinking, Intense Two-Dimensional Light Emitter: Monolayer WS2 Triangles, Peimyoo, Namphung, Shang Jingzhi, Cong Chunxiao, Shen Xiaonan, Wu Xiangyang, Yeow Edwin K. L., and Yu Ting , {ACS} Nano, 11/2013, Volume 7, Number 12, p.10985–10994, (2013)
Raman Spectroscopy Study of Lattice Vibration and Crystallographic Orientation of Monolayer MoS2 under Uniaxial Strain, Wang, Yanlong, Cong Chunxiao, Qiu Caiyu, and Yu Ting , Small, 04/2013, Volume 9, Number 17, p.2857–2861, (2013)
Strong magnetophonon resonance induced triple G-mode splitting in graphene on graphite probed by micromagneto Raman spectroscopy, Qiu, Caiyu, Shen Xiaonan, Cao Bingchen, Cong Chunxiao, Saito Riichiro, Yu Jingjiang, Dresselhaus Mildred S., and Yu Ting , Physical Review B, 10/2013, Volume 88, Number 16, p.165407, (2013)
Visualization of arrangements of carbon atoms in graphene layers by Raman mapping and atomic-resolution TEM, Cong, Chunxiao, Li Kun, Zhang Xi Xiang, and Yu Ting , Scientific Reports, 02/2013, Volume 3, (2013)

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