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Chemical control over the energy-level alignment in a two-terminal junction, Yuan, Li, Franco Carlos, Crivillers Nuria, Mas-Torrent Marta, Cao Liang, Sangeeth Suchand C. S., Rovira Concepcio, Veciana Jaume, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nat. Commun., 07/2016, Volume 7, p.12066, (2016)
Comparison of DC and AC Transport in 1.5-7.5 nm Oligophenylene (mine Molecular Wires across Two Junction Platforms: Eutectic Ga-In versus Conducting Probe Atomic Force Microscope Junctions, Sangeeth, Suchand C. S., Demissie Abel T., Yuan Li, Wang Tao, C. Frisbie Daniel, and Nijhuis Christian A. , J. Am. Chem. Soc., 06/2016, Volume 138, Number 23, p.7305–7314, (2016)
Orbital dependent ultrafast charge transfer dynamics of ferrocenyl-functionalized SAMs on gold studied by core-hole clock spectroscopy, Cao, Liang, Yang Ming, Yuan Li, Nerngchamnong Nisachol, Feng Yuan-Ping, Wee Andrew T. S., Qi Dong-Chen, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 03/2016, Volume 28, Number 9, p.094006, (2016)
A Single-Level Tunnel Model to Account for Electrical Transport through Single Molecule- and Self-Assembled Monolayer-based Junctions, Garrigues, Alvar R., Yuan Li, Wang Lejia, Mucciolo Eduardo R., Thompon Damien, del Barco Enrique, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Sci Rep, 05/2016, Volume 6, p.26517, (2016)
Supramolecular vs Electronic Structure: The Effect of the Tilt Angle of the Active Group in the Performance of a Molecular Diode, Song, Peng, Yuan Li, Roemer Max, Jiang Li, and Nijhuis Christian A. , J. Am. Chem. Soc., 05/2016, Volume 138, Number 18, p.5769–5772, (2016)
Temperature dependent charge transport across tunnel junctions of single-molecules and self-assembled monolayers: a comparative study, Garrigues, Alvar R., Yuan Li, Wang Lejia, Singh Simranjeet, del Barco Enrique, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Dalton Trans., 2016, Volume 45, Number 43, p.17153–17159, (2016)
Arrays of high quality SAM-based junctions and their application in molecular diode based logic, Wan, Albert, Sangeeth Suchand C. S., Wang Lejia, Yuan Li, Jiang Li, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nanoscale, 10/2015, Volume 7, Number 46, p.19547–19556, (2015)
Controlling the direction of rectification in a molecular diode, Yuan, Li, Nerngchamnong Nisachol, Cao Liang, Hamoudi Hicham, del Barco Enrique, Roemer Max, Sriramula Ravi K., Thompson Damien, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nature Communications, 03/2015, Volume 6, p.6324, (2015)
A Molecular Diode with a Statistically Robust Rectification Ratio of Three Orders of Magnitude, Yuan, Li, Breuer Rochus, Jiang Li, Schmittel Michael, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nano Letters, 08/2015, Volume 15, Number 8, p.5506–5512, (2015)
Nonideal Electrochemical Behavior of Ferrocenyl-Alkanethiolate SAMs Maps the Microenvironment of the Redox Unit, Nerngchamnong, Nisachol, Thompson Damien, Cao Liang, Yuan Li, Jiang Li, Roemer Max, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 09/2015, Volume 119, Number 38, p.21978–21991, (2015)
One Carbon Matters: The Origin and Reversal of Odd-Even Effects in Molecular Diodes with Self-Assembled Monolayers of Ferrocenyl-Alkanethiolates, Yuan, Li, Thompson Damien, Cao Liang, Nerngchangnong Nisachol, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 08/2015, Volume 119, Number 31, p.17910–17919, (2015)
One-Nanometer Thin Mono layers Remove the Deleterious Effect of Substrate Defects in Molecular Tunnel Junctions, Jiang, Li, Sangeeth Suchand C. S., Yuan Li, Thompson Damien, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nano Letters, 10/2015, Volume 15, Number 10, p.6643–6649, (2015)
Tuning the Tunneling Rate and Dielectric Response of SAM-Based Junctions via a Single Polarizable Atom, Wang, Dandan, Fracasso Davide, Nurbawono Argo, Annadata Harshini V., Sangeeth Suchand C. S., Yuan Li, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Advanced Materials, 11/2015, Volume 27, Number 42, p.6689–+, (2015)
Bias induced transition from an ohmic to a non-ohmic interface in supramolecular tunneling junctions with Ga2O3/EGaIn top electrodes, Wimbush, Kim S., Fratila Raluca M., Wang Dandan, Qi Dongchen, Liang Cao, Yuan Li, Yakovlev Nikolai, Loh Kian Ping, Reinhoudt David N., Velders Aldrik H., et al. , Nanoscale, 07/2014, Volume 6, Number 19, p.11246–11258, (2014)
Controlling Leakage Currents: The Role of the Binding Group and Purity of the Precursors for Self-Assembled Monolayers in the Performance of Molecular Diodes, Jiang, Li, Yuan Li, Cao Liang, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Journal of the American Chemical Society, 02/2014, Volume 136, Number 5, p.1982–1991, (2014)
Dependency of the Tunneling Decay Coefficient in Molecular Tunneling Junctions on the Topography of the Bottom Electrodes, Yuan, Li, Jiang Li, Zhang Bo, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 03/2014, Volume 53, Number 13, p.3377–3381, (2014)
Giant enhancement in vertical conductivity of stacked CVD graphene sheets by self-assembled molecular layers, Liu, Yanpeng, Yuan Li, Yang Ming, Zheng Yi, Li Linjun, Gao Libo, Nerngchamnong Nisachol, Nai Chang Tai, Sangeeth Suchand C. S., Feng Yuan Ping, et al. , Nature Communications, 11/2014, Volume 5, p.5461, (2014)
Supramolecular Structure of Self-Assembled Mono layers of Ferrocenyl Terminated n-Alkanethiolates on Gold Surfaces, Nerngchamnong, Nisachol, Wu Hairong, Sotthewes Kai, Yuan Li, Cao Liang, Roemer Max, Lu Jiong, Loh Kian Ping, Troadec Cedric, Zandvliet Harold J. W., et al. , Langmuir, 11/2014, Volume 30, Number 44, p.13447–13455, (2014)

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