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Band nesting and the optical response of two-dimensional semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides, Carvalho, A., Ribeiro R. M., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review B, 09/2013, Volume 88, Number 11, p.115205, (2013)
Colossal enhancement of spin-orbit coupling in weakly hydrogenated graphene, Balakrishnan, Jayakumar, Koon GavinKokWai, Jaiswal Manu, Castro Neto A. H., and Özyilmaz Barbaros , Nature Physics, 05/2013, Volume 9, Number 5, p.284–287, (2013)
Dual origin of defect magnetism in graphene and its reversible switching by molecular doping, Nair, R. R., Tsai I. - L., Sepioni M., Lehtinen O., Keinonen J., Krasheninnikov A. V., Castro Neto A. H., Katsnelson M. I., Geim A. K., and Grigorieva I. V. , Nature Communications, 06/2013, Volume 4, (2013)
Effective contact model for geometry-independent conductance calculations in graphene, Bahamon, D. A., Castro Neto A. H., and Pereira Vitor M. , Physical Review B, 12/2013, Volume 88, Number 23, p.235433, (2013)
Excitonic collapse in semiconducting transition-metal dichalcogenides, Rodin, A. S., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review B, 11/2013, Volume 88, Number 19, p.195437, (2013)
Field-effect control of tunneling barrier height by exploiting graphene's low density of states, Ponomarenko, L. A., Belle B. D., Jalil R., Britnell L., Gorbachev R. V., Geim A. K., Novoselov K. S., Castro Neto A. H., Eaves L., and Katsnelson M. I. , Journal of Applied Physics, 04/2013, Volume 113, Number 13, p.136502–136502-5, (2013)
Observation of intra- and inter-band transitions in the transient optical response of graphene, Malard, Leandro M., Fai Mak Kin, Castro Neto A. H., Peres N. M. R., and Heinz Tony F. , New Journal of Physics, 01/2013, Volume 15, Number 1, p.015009, (2013)
Origin of Indirect Optical Transitions in Few-Layer MoS2, WS2, and WSe2, Zhao, Weijie, Ribeiro R. M., Toh Minglin, Carvalho Alexandra, Kloc Christian, Castro Neto A. H., and Eda Goki , Nano Letters, 10/2013, Volume 13, Number 11, p.5627–5634, (2013)
Terahertz Conductivity of Twisted Bilayer Graphene, Zou, Xingquan, Shang Jingzhi, Leaw Jianing, Luo Zhiqiang, Luo Liyan, La-o-vorakiat Chan, Cheng Liang, Cheong S. A., Su Haibin, Zhu Jian-Xin, et al. , Physical Review Letters, 02/2013, Volume 110, Number 6, p.067401, (2013)
Thermodynamics of a Potts-like model for a reconstructed zigzag edge in graphene nanoribbons, Rodrigues, J. N. B., Gonçalves P. A. D., Santos Jaime E., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review B, 04/2013, Volume 87, Number 13, p.134204, (2013)
Topological Insulating States in Laterally Patterned Ordinary Semiconductors, Sushkov, O. P., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review Letters, 05/2013, Volume 110, Number 18, p.186601, (2013)

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