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Evolution of Raman Scattering and Electronic Structure of Ultrathin Molybdenum Disulfide by Oxygen Chemisorption, Chow, Wai Leong, Luo Xin, Quek Su Qing, and Tay Beng Kang , Advanced Electronic Materials, 02/2015, Volume 1, Number 1-2, p.1400037, (2015)
Large Frequency Change with Thickness in Interlayer Breathing Mode-Significant Interlayer Interactions in Few Layer Black Phosphorus, Luo, Xin, Lu Xin, Koon Gavin Kok Wai, Neto Antonio H. Castro, Oezyilmaz Barbaros, Xiong Qihua, and Quek Su Ying , Nano Letters, 06/2015, Volume 15, Number 6, p.3931–3938, (2015)
Low Resistance Metal Contacts to MoS2 Devices with Nickel-Etched-Graphene Electrodes, Leong, Wei Sun, Luo Xin, Li Yida, Khoo Khoong Hong, Quek Su Ying, and Thong John T. L. , Acs Nano, 01/2015, Volume 9, Number 1, p.869–877, (2015)
Rapid and Nondestructive Identification of Polytypism and Stacking Sequences in Few-Layer Molybdenum Diselenide by Raman Spectroscopy, Lu, Xin, M. Utama Iqbal Bakti, Lin Junhao, Luo Xin, Zhao Yanyuan, Zhang Jun, Pantelides Sokrates T., Zhou Wu, Quek Su Ying, and Xiong Qihua , Advanced Materials, 08/2015, Volume 27, Number 30, p.4502–4508, (2015)
Stacking sequence determines Raman intensities of observed interlayer shear modes in 2D layered materials - A general bond polarizability model, Luo, Xin, Lu Xin, Cong Chunxiao, Yu Ting, Xiong Qihua, and Quek Su Ying , Scientific Reports, 10/2015, Volume 5, p.14565, (2015)
Tuning the threshold voltage of MoS2 field-effect transistors via surface treatment, Leong, Wei Sun, Li Yida, Luo Xin, Nai Chang Tai, Quek Su Ying, and Thong John T. L. , Nanoscale, 05/2015, Volume 7, Number 24, p.10823–10831, (2015)

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