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Collective modes in anisotropic double-layer systems, Rodin, A. S., and Neto Castro A. H. , Physical Review B, 02/2015, Volume 91, Number 7, p.075422, (2015)
Exciton binding energies and luminescence of phosphorene under pressure, Seixas, L., Rodin A. S., Carvalho A., and Neto A. H. Castro , Physical Review B, 03/2015, Volume 91, Number 11, p.115437, (2015)
Tunneling Plasmonics in Bilayer Graphene, Fei, Z., Iwinski E. G., Ni G. X., Zhang L. M., Bao W., Rodin A. S., Lee Y., Wagner M., Liu M. K., Dai S., et al. , Nano Letters, 08/2015, Volume 15, Number 8, p.4973–4978, (2015)

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