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Excitonic mass gap in uniaxially strained graphene, Sharma, Anand, Kotov Valeri N., and Neto Antonio H. Castro , Phys. Rev. B, 06/2017, Volume 95, Number 23, p.235124, (2017)
Extremely large magnetoresistance in few-layer graphene/boron-nitride heterostructures, Gopinadhan, Kalon, Shin Young Jun, Jalil Rashid, Venkatesan Thirumalai, Geim Andre K., Neto Antonio H. Castro, and Yang Hyunsoo , Nature Communications, 09/2015, Volume 6, p.8337, (2015)
Large Frequency Change with Thickness in Interlayer Breathing Mode-Significant Interlayer Interactions in Few Layer Black Phosphorus, Luo, Xin, Lu Xin, Koon Gavin Kok Wai, Neto Antonio H. Castro, Oezyilmaz Barbaros, Xiong Qihua, and Quek Su Ying , Nano Letters, 06/2015, Volume 15, Number 6, p.3931–3938, (2015)
Optical conductivity renormalization of graphene on SrTiO3 due to resonant excitonic effects mediated by Ti 3d orbitals, Gogoi, Pranjal Kumar, Trevisanutto Paolo E., Yang Ming, Santoso Iman, Asmara Teguh Citra, Terentjevs Aleksandrs, Sala Fabio Della, Breese Mark B. H., Venkatesan T., Feng Yuan Ping, et al. , Physical Review B, 01/2015, Volume 91, Number 3, p.035424, (2015)
Phosphorene: Overcoming the Oxidation Barrier, Carvalho, Alexandra, and Neto Antonio H. Castro , Acs Central Science, 09/2015, Volume 1, Number 6, p.289–291, (2015)
van der Waals Force: A Dominant Factor for Reactivity of Graphene, Lee, Jong Hak, Avsar Ahmet, Jung Jeil, Tan Jun You, Watanabe K., Taniguchi T., Natarajan Srinivasan, Eda Goki, Adam Shaffique, Neto Antonio H. Castro, et al. , Nano Letters, 01/2015, Volume 15, Number 1, p.319–325, (2015)

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