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Enhancing the sensing specificity of a MoS2 nanosheet-based FRET aptasensor using a surface blocking strategy, Geldert, Alisha, , Zhang Xiao, Zhang Hua, and Lim Chwee Teck , Analyst, 07/2017, Volume 142, Number 14, p.2570–2577, (2017)
Enriched Fluorescence Emission from WS2 Monoflake Empowered by Au Nanoexplorers, Sow, Belle Miaoer, Lu Junpeng, Liu Hongwei, Goh Kuan Eng Johnso, and Sow Chorng Haur , Adv. Opt. Mater., 07/2017, Volume 5, Number 14, p.1700156, (2017)
Excitonic mass gap in uniaxially strained graphene, Sharma, Anand, Kotov Valeri N., and Neto Antonio H. Castro , Phys. Rev. B, 06/2017, Volume 95, Number 23, p.235124, (2017)
Fabrication of ultra-smooth and oxide-free molecule-ferromagnetic metal interfaces for applications in molecular electronics under ordinary laboratory conditions, Kumar, Karuppannan Senthil, Jiang Li, and Nijhuis Christian A. , RSC Adv., 2017, Volume 7, Number 24, p.14544–14551, (2017)
Gate-Tunable Giant Stark Effect in Few-Layer Black Phosphorus, Liu, Yanpeng, Qiu Zhizhan, Carvalho Alexandra, Bao Yang, Xu Hai, Tan Sherman J. R., Liu Wei, Neto Castro A. H., Loh Kian Ping, and Lu Jiong , Nano Lett., 03/2017, Volume 17, Number 3, p.1970–1977, (2017)
Graphene for the development of the next-generation of biocomposites for dental and medical applications, Xie, Han, Cao Tong, Rodriguez-Lozano Francisco Javier, Luong-Van Emma Kim, and Rosa Vinicius , Dent. Mater., 07/2017, Volume 33, Number 7, p.765–774, (2017)
Graphene Nanosheets to Improve Physico-Mechanical Properties of Bioactive Calcium Silicate Cements, Dubey, Nileshkumar, Rajan Sneha Sundar, Dal Bello Yuri, San Min Kyung-, and Rosa Vinicius , Materials, 06/2017, Volume 10, Number 6, p.606, (2017)
Graphene transfer to 3-dimensional surfaces: a vacuum-assisted dry transfer method, Morin, J. L. P., Dubey N., Decroix F. E. D., Luong-Van E. K., Neto A. H. Castro, and Rosa V. , 2D Mater., 06/2017, Volume 4, Number 2, p.025060, (2017)
Growth of Quasi-Free-Standing Single-Layer Blue Phosphorus on Tellurium Monolayer Functionalized Au(111), Gu, Chengding, Zhao Songtao, Zhang Jia Lin, Sun Shuo, Yuan Kaidi, Hu Zehua, Han Cheng, Ma Zhirui, Wang Li, Huo Fengwei, et al. , ACS Nano, 05/2017, Volume 11, Number 5, p.4943–4949, (2017)
In-situ analysis energy level alignment at solution processed HAT(CN)(6)/PVK (PVK:TAPC) interface via XPS and UPS, Talik, N. A., Yap B. K., Tan C. Y., and Whitcher T. J. , Curr. Appl. Phys., 08/2017, Volume 17, Number 8, p.1094–1099, (2017)
Inter-Layer Coupling Induced Valence Band Edge Shift in Mono-to Few-Layer MoS2, Trainer, Daniel J., Putilov Aleksei V., Di Giorgio Cinzia, Saari Timo, Wang BaoKai, Wolak Mattheus, Chandrasena Ravini U., Lane Christopher, Chang Tay-Rong, Jeng Horng-Tay, et al. , Sci Rep, 01/2017, Volume 7, p.40559, (2017)
Interactions and Attachment Pathways between Functionalized Gold Nanorods, Tan, Shu Fen, Anand Utkarsh, and Mirsaidov Utkur , ACS Nano, 02/2017, Volume 11, Number 2, p.1633–1640, (2017)
Large-Area and High-Quality 2D Transition Metal Telluride, Zhou, Jiadong, Liu Fucai, Lin Junhao, Huang Xiangwei, Xia Juan, Zhang Bowei, Zeng Qingsheng, Wang Hong, Zhu Chao, Niu Lin, et al. , Adv. Mater., 01/2017, Volume 29, Number 3, p.UNSP 1603471, (2017)
LT-STM Investigation of the Self-Assembled F16CuPc-Corannulene Binary System on Ag(111) and Graphite Surfaces, Rui, Guo, Jialin Zhang, Songtao Zhao, Xiaojiang Yu, Shu Zhong, Shuo Sun, Zhenyu Li, and Wei Chen , Acta Phys.-Chim. Sin., 03/2017, Volume 33, Number 3, p.627–632, (2017)
Microsteganography on WS2 Monolayers Tailored by Direct Laser Painting, Venkatakrishnan, Ashwin, Chua Hou, Tan Pinxi, Hu Zhenliang, Liu Hongwei, Liu Yanpeng, Carvalho Alexandra, Lu Junpeng, and Sow Chorng Haur , ACS Nano, 01/2017, Volume 11, Number 1, p.713–720, (2017)
Mn3O4/reduced graphene oxide based supercapacitor with ultra-long cycling performance, Xiong, Ting, Lee Wee Siang Vinc, Huang Xiaolei, and Xue Jun Min , J. Mater. Chem. A, 07/2017, Volume 5, Number 25, p.12762–12768, (2017)
Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Highly Crystalline Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide on Hexagonal Boron Nitride, Fu, Deyi, Zhao Xiaoxu, Zhang Yu-Yang, Li Linjun, Xu Hai, Jang A.-Rang, Yoon Seong In, Song Peng, Poh Sock Mui, Ren Tianhua, et al. , J. Am. Chem. Soc., 07/2017, Volume 139, Number 27, p.9392–9400, (2017)
Molecular Coatings for Stabilizing Silver and Gold Nanocubes under Electron Beam Irradiation, Tan, Shu Fen, Bosman Michel, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Langmuir, 02/2017, Volume 33, Number 5, p.1189–1196, (2017)
Molecular diodes with rectification ratios exceeding 10(5) driven by electrostatic interactions, Chen, Xiaoping, Roemer Max, Yuan Li, Du Wei, Thompson Damien, del Barco Enrique, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nat. Nanotechnol., 08/2017, Volume 12, Number 8, p.797–803, (2017)
Monolithically Integrated Flexible Black Phosphorus Complementary Inverter Circuits, Liu, Yuanda, and Ang Kah-Wee , ACS Nano, 07/2017, Volume 11, Number 7, p.7416–7423, (2017)
Multistep nucleation of nanocrystals in aqueous solution, Loh, Duane N., Sen Soumyo, Bosman Michel, Tan Shu Fen, Zhong Jun, Nijhuis Christian A., Kral Petr, Matsudaira Paul, and Mirsaidov Utkur , Nat. Chem., 01/2017, Volume 9, Number 1, p.77–82, (2017)
Nano-bio interactions between carbon nanomaterials and blood plasma proteins: why oxygen functionality matters, , Geldert Alisha, Liu Yanpeng, Loh Kian Ping, and Lim Chwee Teck , NPG Asia Mater., 08/2017, Volume 9, p.e422, (2017)
Nanoflakes of Ni-Co LDH and Bi2O3 Assembled in 3D Carbon Fiber Network for High-Performance Aqueous Rechargeable Ni/Bi Battery, Li, Xin, Guan Cao, Hu Yating, and Wang John , ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 08/2017, Volume 9, Number 31, p.26008–26015, (2017)
Nexus fermions in topological symmorphic crystalline metals, Chang, Guoqing, Xu Su-Yang, Huang Shin-Ming, Sanchez Daniel S., Hsu Chuang-Han, Bian Guang, Yu Zhi-Ming, Belopolski Ilya, Alidoust Nasser, Zheng Hao, et al. , Sci Rep, 05/2017, Volume 7, p.1688, (2017)
Oxygen impact on the electronic and vibrational properties of black phosphorus probed by synchrotron infrared nanospectroscopy, Grasseschi, D., Bahamon D. A., Maia F. C. B., Neto A. H. Castro, Freitas R. O., and de Matos C. J. S. , 2D Mater., 09/2017, Volume 4, Number 3, p.035028, (2017)


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