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Periodic Grain Boundaries Formed by Thermal Reconstruction of Polycrystalline Graphene Film, Yang, Bao, Xu Hai, Lu Jiong, and Loh Kian Ping , Journal of the American Chemical Society, 08/2014, Volume 136, Number 34, p.12041–12046, (2014)
Phosphorene nanoribbons, Carvalho, A., Rodin A. S., and Neto Castro A. H. , Epl, 11/2014, Volume 108, Number 4, p.47005, (2014)
Photocarrier relaxation pathway in two-dimensional semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides, Kozawa, Daichi, Kumar Rajeev, Carvalho Alexandra, Amara Kiran Kumar, Zhao Weijie, Wang Shunfeng, Toh Minglin, Ribeiro Ricardo M., Castro Neto A. H., Matsuda Kazunari, et al. , Nature Communications, 07/2014, Volume 5, (2014)
Prediction of Large-Gap Two-Dimensional Topological Insulators Consisting of Bilayers of Group III Elements with Bi, Chuang, Feng-Chuan, Yao Liang-Zi, Huang Zhi-Quan, Liu Yu-Tzu, Hsu Chia-Hsiu, Das Tanmoy, Lin Hsin, and Bansil Arun , Nano Letters, 05/2014, Volume 14, Number 5, p.2505–2508, (2014)
Predictive DFT-Based Approaches to Charge and Spin Transport in Single-Molecule Junctions and Two-Dimensional Materials: Successes and Challenges, Quek, Su Ying, and Khoo Khoong Hong , Accounts of Chemical Research, 11/2014, Volume 47, Number 11, p.3250–3257, (2014)
Preface to Special Topic: Selected Articles from Phononics 2013: The Second International Conference on Phononic Crystals/Metamaterials, Phonon Transport and Optomechanics, 2-7 June 2013, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, Hussein, Mahmoud I., El-Kady Ihab, Li Baowen, and Sanchez-Dehesa Jose , Aip Advances, 12/2014, Volume 4, Number 12, p.124101, (2014)
Pseudomagnetic fields in graphene nanobubbles of constrained geometry: A molecular dynamics study, Qi, Zenan, Kitt Alexander L., Park Harold S., Pereira Vitor M., Campbell David K., and Neto A. H. Castro , Physical Review B, 09/2014, Volume 90, Number 12, p.125419, (2014)
Quantum Plasmon Resonances Controlled by Molecular Tunnel Junctions, Tan, Shu Fen, Wu Lin, Yang Joel K. W., Bai Ping, Bosman Michel, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Science, 02/2014, Volume 343, Number 6178, p.1496–1499, (2014)
Redox-crosslinked graphene networks with enhanced electrochemical capacitance, Ai, Wei, Cao Xiehong, Sun Zhipeng, Jiang Jian, Du Zhuzhu, Xie Linghai, Wang Yanlong, Wang Xingjue, Zhang Hua, Huang Wei, et al. , Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 08/2014, Volume 2, Number 32, p.12924–12930, (2014)
Reversible Soft Top-Contacts to Yield Molecular Junctions with Precise and Reproducible Electrical Characteristics, Wan, Albert, Jiang Li, Sangeeth Suchand C. S., and Nijhuis Christian A. , Advanced Functional Materials, 04/2014, Volume 24, Number 28, p.4442–4456, (2014)
Role of acoustic phonons in Bi2Se3 topological insulator slabs: A quantum transport investigation, Gupta, Gaurav, Lin Hsin, Bansil Arun, Jalil Mansoor Bin Abdul, and Liang Gengchiau , Physical Review B, 06/2014, Volume 89, Number 24, p.245419, (2014)
Scanning Tunneling Microscope and Photoemission Spectroscopy Investigations of Bismuth on Epitaxial Graphene on SiC(0001), Huang, Han, Wong Swee Liang, Wang Yuzhan, Sun Jia-Tao, Gao Xingyu, and Wee Andrew Thye Shen , Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 10/2014, Volume 118, Number 43, p.24995–24999, (2014)
Scattering theory of spin-orbit active adatoms on graphene, Pachoud, Alexandre, Ferreira Aires, Özyilmaz B., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review B, 07/2014, Volume 90, Number 3, p.035444, (2014)
Silicon and germanium nanocrystals: properties and characterization, Capan, Ivana, Carvalho Alexandra, and Coutinho Jose , Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 10/2014, Volume 5, p.1787–1794, (2014)
Spin–orbit proximity effect in graphene, Avsar, A., Tan J. Y., Taychatanapat T., Balakrishnan J., Koon G. K. W., Yeo Y., Lahiri J., Carvalho A., Rodin A. S., O’Farrell E. C. T., et al. , Nature Communications, 09/2014, Volume 5, (2014)
Strain driven topological phase transitions in atomically thin films of group IV and V elements in the honeycomb structures, Huang, Zhi-Quan, Hsu Chia-Hsiu, Chuang Feng-Chuan, Liu Yu-Tzu, Lin Hsin, Su Wan-Sheng, Ozolinš Vidvuds, and Bansil Arun , New Journal of Physics, 10/2014, Volume 16, p.105018, (2014)
Strain-Induced Gap Modification in Black Phosphorus, Rodin, A.  S., Carvalho A., and Castro Neto A.  H. , Physical Review Letters, 05/2014, Volume 112, Number 17, p.176801, (2014)
Superlattice structures in twisted bilayers of folded graphene, Schmidt, Hennrik, Rode Johannes C., Smirnov Dmitri, and Haug Rolf J. , Nature Communications, 12/2014, Volume 5, p.5742, (2014)
Supramolecular Structure of Self-Assembled Mono layers of Ferrocenyl Terminated n-Alkanethiolates on Gold Surfaces, Nerngchamnong, Nisachol, Wu Hairong, Sotthewes Kai, Yuan Li, Cao Liang, Roemer Max, Lu Jiong, Loh Kian Ping, Troadec Cedric, Zandvliet Harold J. W., et al. , Langmuir, 11/2014, Volume 30, Number 44, p.13447–13455, (2014)
Syntheses and purification of the versatile synthons iodoferrocene and 1,1′-diiodoferrocene, Roemer, Max, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Dalton Transactions, 08/2014, Volume 43, Number 31, p.11815–11818, (2014)
Synthesis and Optical Properties of Large-Area Single-Crystalline 2D Semiconductor WS2 Monolayer from Chemical Vapor Deposition, Cong, Chunxiao, Shang Jingzhi, Wu Xing, Cao Bingchen, Peimyoo Namphung, Qiu Caiyu, Sun Litao, and Yu Ting , Advanced Optical Materials, 02/2014, Volume 2, Number 2, p.131–136, (2014)
Theoretical study of thermoelectric properties of few-layer MoS2 and WSe2, Huang, Wen, Luo Xin, Gan Chee Kwan, Quek Su Ying, and Liang Gengchiau , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 05/2014, Volume 16, Number 22, p.10866–10874, (2014)
Thickness dependence of spin polarization and electronic structure of ultra-thin films of MoS2 and related transition-metal dichalcogenides, Chang, Tay-Rong, Lin Hsin, Jeng Horng-Tay, and Bansil A. , Scientific Reports, 09/2014, Volume 4, (2014)
Topological phase transition and quantum spin Hall state in TlBiS2, Singh, Bahadur, Lin Hsin, Prasad R., and Bansil A. , Journal of Applied Physics, 07/2014, Volume 116, Number 3, p.033704, (2014)
Transport Properties of Monolayer MoS2 Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition, Schmidt, Hennrik, Wang Shunfeng, Chu Leiqiang, Toh Minglin, Kumar Rajeev, Zhao Weijie, Castro Neto A. H., Martin Jens, Adam Shaffique, Özyilmaz Barbaros, et al. , Nano Letters, 04/2014, Volume 14, Number 4, p.1909–1913, (2014)


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