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Reversible magnetism switching in graphene-based systems via the decoration of photochromic molecules, Nurbawono, Argo, and Zhang Chun , Applied Physics Letters, 11/2013, Volume 103, Number 20, p.203110, (2013)
Reversible Single Spin Control of Individual Magnetic Molecule by Hydrogen Atom Adsorption, Liu, Liwei, Yang Kai, Jiang Yuhang, Song Boqun, Xiao Wende, Li Linfei, Zhou Haitao, Wang Yeliang, Du Shixuan, Ouyang Min, et al. , Scientific Reports, 02/2013, Volume 3, (2013)
The role of van der Waals forces in the performance of molecular diodes, Nerngchamnong, Nisachol, Yuan Li, Qi Dong-Chen, Li Jiang, Thompson Damien, and Nijhuis Christian A. , Nature Nanotechnology, 01/2013, Volume 8, Number 2, p.113–118, (2013)
Room-Temperature Ice Growth on Graphite Seeded by Nano-Graphene Oxide, Zheng, Yi, Su Chenliang, Lu Jiong, and Loh Kian Ping , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 08/2013, Volume 52, Number 33, p.8708–8712, (2013)
Scrolling graphene into nanofluidic channels, Mirsaidov, Utkur, Mokkapati V. R. S. S., Bhattacharya Dipanjan, Andersen Henrik, Bosman Michel, Özyilmaz Barbaros, and Matsudaira Paul , Lab on a Chip, 05/2013, Volume 13, Number 15, p.2874–2878, (2013)
Single-crystalline nanotubes of spinel lithium nickel manganese oxide with lithium titanate anode for high-rate lithium ion batteries, Ding, Yuan-Li, Goh Bee Min, Zhang Han, Loh Kian Ping, and Lu Li , Journal of Power Sources, 08/2013, Volume 236, p.1–9, (2013)
Single-Molecule Chemical Reactions Tracked at the Atomic-Bond Level, Lu, Jiong, and Loh Kian Ping , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 12/2013, Volume 52, Number 51, p.13521–13523, (2013)
Spin Pumping in Permalloy/Graphene and Permalloy/Graphite Interfaces, Singh, S., Patra {A. K. }, Barin B., del Barco E., and Ozyilmaz B. , {IEEE} Transactions on Magnetics, 07/2013, Volume 49, Number 7, p.3147–3150, (2013)
Spin-polarized electronic current induced by sublattice engineering of graphene sheets with boron/nitrogen, Park, Hyoungki, Wadehra Amita, Wilkins John W., and Castro Neto Antonio H. , Physical Review B, 02/2013, Volume 87, Number 8, p.085441, (2013)
Step Flow Versus Mosaic Film Growth in Hexagonal Boron Nitride, Lu, Jiong, Yeo Pei Shan Emmeline, Zheng Yi, Xu Hai, Gan Chee Kwan, Sullivan Michael B., Castro Neto {A. H. }, and Loh Kian Ping , Journal of the American Chemical Society, 01/2013, Volume 135, Number 6, p.2368–2373, (2013)
Stochastic nonlinear electrical characteristics of graphene, Shin, Young Jun, Gopinadhan Kalon, Narayanapillai Kulothungasagaran, Kalitsov Alan, Bhatia Charanjit S., and Yang Hyunsoo , Applied Physics Letters, 01/2013, Volume 102, Number 3, p.033101–033101-5, (2013)
Strong Light-Matter Interactions in Heterostructures of Atomically Thin Films, Britnell, L., Ribeiro R. M., Eckmann A., Jalil R., Belle B. D., Mishchenko A., Kim Y. - J., Gorbachev R. V., Georgiou T., Morozov S. V., et al. , Science, 06/2014, Volume 340, Number 6138, p.1311–1314, (2013)
Strong magnetophonon resonance induced triple G-mode splitting in graphene on graphite probed by micromagneto Raman spectroscopy, Qiu, Caiyu, Shen Xiaonan, Cao Bingchen, Cong Chunxiao, Saito Riichiro, Yu Jingjiang, Dresselhaus Mildred S., and Yu Ting , Physical Review B, 10/2013, Volume 88, Number 16, p.165407, (2013)
Substrate coupling suppresses size dependence of thermal conductivity in supported graphene, Chen, Jie, Zhang Gang, and Li Baowen , Nanoscale, 01/2013, Volume 5, Number 2, p.532–536, (2013)
Surface Plasmon Damping Quantified with an Electron Nanoprobe, Bosman, Michel, Ye Enyi, Tan Shu Fen, Nijhuis Christian A., Yang Joel K. W., Marty Renaud, Mlayah Adnen, Arbouet Arnaud, Girard Christian, and Han Ming-Yong , Scientific Reports, 02/2013, Volume 3, (2013)
Terahertz Conductivity of Twisted Bilayer Graphene, Zou, Xingquan, Shang Jingzhi, Leaw Jianing, Luo Zhiqiang, Luo Liyan, La-o-vorakiat Chan, Cheng Liang, Cheong S. A., Su Haibin, Zhu Jian-Xin, et al. , Physical Review Letters, 02/2013, Volume 110, Number 6, p.067401, (2013)
Thermodynamics of a Potts-like model for a reconstructed zigzag edge in graphene nanoribbons, Rodrigues, J. N. B., Gonçalves P. A. D., Santos Jaime E., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review B, 04/2013, Volume 87, Number 13, p.134204, (2013)
Topological Insulating States in Laterally Patterned Ordinary Semiconductors, Sushkov, O. P., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review Letters, 05/2013, Volume 110, Number 18, p.186601, (2013)
Topological phase transition and two-dimensional topological insulators in Ge-based thin films, Singh, Bahadur, Lin Hsin, Prasad R., and Bansil A. , Physical Review B, 11/2013, Volume 88, Number 19, p.195147, (2013)
Trap Levels in Graphene Oxide: A Thermally Stimulated Current Study, Kajen, R. S., Chandrasekhar N., Pey K. L., Vijila C., Jaiswal M., Saravanan S., Ng Andrew M. H., Wong C. P., and Loh K. P. , {ECS} Solid State Letters, 04/2013, Volume 2, Number 2, p.M17–M19, (2013)
Two-Dimensional Crystals: Managing Light for Optoelectronics, Eda, Goki, and Maier Stefan A. , {ACS} Nano, 07/2013, Volume 7, Number 7, p.5660–5665, (2013)
Ultrathin high-temperature oxidation-resistant coatings of hexagonal boron nitride, Liu, Zheng, Gong Yongji, Zhou Wu, Ma Lulu, Yu Jingjiang, Idrobo Juan Carlos, Jung Jeil, {MacDonald} Allan H., Vajtai Robert, Lou Jun, et al. , Nature Communications, 10/2013, Volume 4, (2013)
Visualization of arrangements of carbon atoms in graphene layers by Raman mapping and atomic-resolution TEM, Cong, Chunxiao, Li Kun, Zhang Xi Xiang, and Yu Ting , Scientific Reports, 02/2013, Volume 3, (2013)


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