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Complete light absorption in graphene-metamaterial corrugated structures, Ferreira, Aires, and Peres N. M. R. , Phys. Rev. B, 11/2012, Volume 86, p.205401, (2012)
Confined magneto-optical waves in graphene, Ferreira, Aires, Peres N. M. R., and Castro Neto A. H. , Physical Review B, 05/2012, Volume 85, Number 20, (2012)
Continuum model of the twisted graphene bilayer, Lopes dos Santos, J. M. B., Peres N. M. R., and Castro Neto A. H. , Phys. Rev. B, 10/2012, Volume 86, p.155449, (2012)
Enhanced optical dichroism of graphene nanoribbons, Hipolito, F., Chaves A. J., Ribeiro R. M., Vasilevskiy M. I., Pereira Vitor M., and Peres N. M. R. , Physical Review B, 09/2012, Volume 86, Number 11, p.115430, (2012)
Field-Effect Tunneling Transistor Based on Vertical Graphene Heterostructures, Britnell, L., Gorbachev R. V., Jalil R., Belle B. D., Schedin F., Mishchenko A., Georgiou T., Katsnelson M. I., Eaves L., Morozov S. V., et al. , Science, 02/2012, Volume 335, Number 6071, p.947 – 950, (2012)
Graphene-based photodetector with two cavities, Ferreira, Aires, Peres N. M. R., Ribeiro R. M., and Stauber T. , Physical Review B, 03/2012, Volume 85, Number 11, (2012)
Light scattering by a medium with a spatially modulated optical conductivity: the case of graphene, Peres, N. M. R., Ferreira Aires, u. Bludov Y. V., and Vasilevskiy M. I. , Journal of Physics - Condensed Matter, 06/2012, Volume 24, Number 24, (2012)
Scattering by linear defects in graphene: A continuum approach, Rodrigues, J. N. B., Peres N. M. R., and Lopes dos Santos J. M. B. , Physical Review B, 12/2012, Volume 86, Number 21, p.214206, (2012)

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