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Effect of oxygen and ozone on p-type doping of ultra-thin WSe2 and MoSe2 field effect transistors, Wang, Shunfeng, Zhao Weijie, Giustiniano Francesco, and Eda Goki , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 02/2016, Volume 18, Number 6, p.4304–4309, (2016)
Engineering Bandgaps of Monolayer MoS2 and WS2 on Fluoropolymer Substrates by Electrostatically Tuned Many-Body Effects, Liu, Bo, Zhao Weijie, Ding Zijing, Verzhbitskiy Ivan, Li Linjun, Lu Junpeng, Chen Jianyi, Eda Goki, and Loh Kian Ping , Adv. Mater., 08/2016, Volume 28, Number 30, p.6457–+, (2016)
Exciton-Plasmon Coupling and Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Monolayer Semiconductors Hybridized with Ag Nanoparticles, Zhao, Weijie, Wang Shunfeng, Liu Bo, Verzhbitskiy Ivan, Li Shisheng, Giustiniano Francesco, Kozawa Daichi, Loh Kian Ping, Matsuda Kazunari, Okamoto Koichi, et al. , Adv. Mater., 04/2016, Volume 28, Number 14, p.2709–2715, (2016)
Giant photoluminescence enhancement in tungsten-diselenide-gold plasmonic hybrid structures, Wang, Zhuo, Dong Zhaogang, Gu Yinghong, Chang Yung-Huang, Zhang Lei, Li Lain-Jong, Zhao Weijie, Eda Goki, Zhang Wenjing, Grinblat Gustavo, et al. , Nature Communications, 05/2016, Volume 7, p.11283, (2016)
Heterointerface Screening Effects between Organic Monolayers and Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, Zheng, Yu Jie, Huang Yu Li, Chenp Yifeng, Zhao Weijie, Eda Goki, Spataru Catalin D., Zhang Wenjing, Chang Yung-Huang, Li Lain-Jong, Chi Dongzhi, et al. , Acs Nano, 02/2016, Volume 10, Number 2, p.2476–2484, (2016)

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