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Air-Stable Transport in Graphene-Contacted, Fully Encapsulated Ultrathin Black Phosphorus-Based Field-Effect Transistors, Avsar, Ahmet, Vera-Marun Ivan J., Tan Jun You, Watanabe Kenji, Taniguchi Takashi, Neto Antonio H. Castro, and Oezyilmaz Barbaros , Acs Nano, 04/2015, Volume 9, Number 4, p.4138–4145, (2015)
Revealing the Atomic Site-Dependent g Factor within a Single Magnetic Molecule via the Extended Kondo Effect, Liu, Liwei, Yang Kai, Jiang Yuhang, Song Boqun, Xiao Wende, Song Shiru, Du Shixuan, Ouyang Min, Hofer Werner A., Neto Antonio H. Castro, et al. , Physical Review Letters, 03/2015, Volume 114, Number 12, p.126601, (2015)
Transport properties of pristine few-layer black phosphorus by van der Waals passivation in an inert atmosphere, Doganov, Rostislav A., O'Farrell Eoin C. T., Koenig Steven P., Yeo Yuting, Ziletti Angelo, Carvalho Alexandra, Campbell David K., Coker David F., Watanabe Kenji, Taniguchi Takashi, et al. , Nature Communications, 04/2015, Volume 6, p.6647–6647, (2015)
Tuning and Persistent Switching of Graphene Plasmons on a Ferroelectric Substrate, Goldflam, Michael D., Ni Guang-Xin, Post Kirk W., Fei Zhe, Yeo Yuting, Tan Jun You, Rodin Aleksandr S., Chapler Brian C., Oezyilmaz Barbaros, Neto Antonio H. Castro, et al. , Nano Letters, 08/2015, Volume 15, Number 8, p.4859–4864, (2015)
Unusual Angular Dependence of the Raman Response in Black Phosphorus, Ribeiro, Henrique B., Pimenta Marcos A., de Matos Christiano J. S., Moreira Roberto Luiz, Rodin Aleksandr S., Zapata Juan D., de Souza Eunezio A. T., and Neto Antonio H. Castro , Acs Nano, 04/2015, Volume 9, Number 4, p.4270–4276, (2015)

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