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Electric-field tunable Dirac semimetal state in phosphorene thin films

TitleElectric-field tunable Dirac semimetal state in phosphorene thin films
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsGhosh, Barun, Singh Bahadur, Prasad R., and Agarwal Amit
JournalPhys. Rev. B
Date Published11/2016
Keywords2-dimensional materials, augmented-wave method, gap, layer black phosphorus, pseudospins, spin, strain, topological insulators, transition-metal dichalcogenides

We study the electric-field tunable electronic properties of phosphorene thin films, using the framework of density functional theory. We show that phosphorene thin films offer a versatile material platform to study two-dimensional Dirac fermions on application of a transverse electric field. Increasing the strength of the transverse electric field beyond a certain critical value in phosphorene thin films leads to the formation of two symmetry protected gapless Dirac fermions states with anisotropic energy dispersion. The spin-orbit coupling splits each of these Dirac states into two spin-polarized Dirac cones which are also protected by nonsymmorphic crystal symmetries. Our study shows that the position as well as the carrier velocity of the spin-polarized Dirac cone states can be controlled by the strength of the external electric field.


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