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Microsteganography on WS2 Monolayers Tailored by Direct Laser Painting

TitleMicrosteganography on WS2 Monolayers Tailored by Direct Laser Painting
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsVenkatakrishnan, Ashwin, Chua Hou, Tan Pinxi, Hu Zhenliang, Liu Hongwei, Liu Yanpeng, Carvalho Alexandra, Lu Junpeng, and Sow Chorng Haur
JournalACS Nano
Date Published01/2017
Keywordsatomic monolayer, defects, diodes, emission, laser modification, micropatterning fluorescence, MoS2, photoluminescence, room-temperature, transition-metal dichalcogenides, valley polarization, WS2 TMDs, wse2

We present scanning focused laser beam as a multipurpose tool to engineer the physical and chemical properties of WS2 microflakes. For monolayers, the laser modification integrates oxygen into the WS2 microflake, resulting in similar to 9 times enhancement in the intensity of the fluorescence emission. This modification does not cause any morphology change, allowing "micro-encryption" of information that is only observable as fluorescence under excitation. The same focused laser also facilitates on demand thinning down of WS2 multilayers into monolayers, turning them into fluorescence active components. With, a scanning focused laser beam, micropatterns are readily created on WS, multilayers through selective thinning of specific regions on the flake.


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