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Tunable terahertz reflection of graphene via ionic liquid gating

TitleTunable terahertz reflection of graphene via ionic liquid gating
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsWu, Yang, Qiu Xuepeng, Liu Hongwei, Liu Jingbo, Chen Yuanfu, Ke Lin, and Yang Hyunsoo
Date Published03/2017
Keywordsdisplay, films, gel gate dielectrics, graphene, ionic liquid, metamaterials, modulators, phase, Plasmonics, reflection, spectroscopy, Technology, terahertz, transistors

We report a highly efficient tunable THz reflector in graphene. By applying a small gate voltage (up to +/- 3V), the reflectance of graphene is modulated from a minimum of 0.79% to a maximum of 33.4% using graphene/ionic liquid structures at room temperature, and the reflection tuning is uniform within a wide spectral range (0.1-1.5 THz). Our observation is explained by the Drude model, which describes the THz wave-induced intraband transition in graphene. This tunable reflectance of graphene may contribute to broadband THz mirrors, deformable THz mirrors, variable THz beam splitters and other optical components.


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