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Two-step fabrication of single-layer rectangular SnSe flakes

TitleTwo-step fabrication of single-layer rectangular SnSe flakes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsJiang, Jizhou, Wong Calvin Pei Yu, Zou Jing, Li Shisheng, Wang Qixing, Chen Jianyi, Qi Dianyu, Wang Hongyu, Eda Goki, Chua Daniel H. C., Shi Yumeng, Zhang Wenjing, and Wee Andrew Thye Shen
Journal2D Mater.
Date Published06/2016
Keywordscrystal snse, epitaxial-growth, films, graphene, large-sized single-layer, nanosheets, nitrogen etching technique, photoresponse, phototransistor, rectangular SnSe flakes, thermal-conductivity, transistors, transition-metal dichalcogenides, vapor transport deposition

Recent findings about ultrahigh thermoelectric performances in SnSe single crystals have stimulated research on this binary semiconductor material. Furthermore, single-layer SnSe is an interesting analogue of phosphorene, with potential applications in two-dimensional (2D) nanoelectronics. Although significant advances in the synthesis of SnSe nanocrystals have been made, fabrication of well-defined large-sized single-layer SnSe flakes in a facile way still remains a challenge. The growth of single-layer rectangular SnSe flakes with a thickness of similar to 6.8 angstrom and lateral dimensions of about 30 mu m x 50 mu m is demonstrated by a two-step synthesis method, where bulk rectangular SnSe flakes were synthesized first by a vapor transport deposition method followed by a nitrogen etching technique to fabricate single-layer rectangular SnSe flakes in an atmospheric pressure system. The as-obtained rectangular SnSe flakes exhibited a pure crystalline phase oriented along the a-axis direction. Field-effect transistor devices fabricated on individual single-layer rectangular SnSe flakes using gold electrodes exhibited p-doped ambipolar behavior and a hole mobility of about 0.16 cm(2) V-1 s(-1). This two-step fabrication method can be helpful for growing other similar 2D large-sized single-layer materials.


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