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2D materials and inter-galactic exploration

Antonio Castro Neto (CA2DM, NUS)
Thu, 06/10/2016 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm
LT 26
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Curious about what such a title means or in what research in 2D materials and inter-galactic exploration have in common? If so, do participate in this seminar where the CA2DM director will share his vision for the future of 2D materials -- in general and in the context of our research centre -- from a broad perspective that spans fundamental science, applications, and societal impact.

"Space: the final frontier..." This is the ultimate target for CA2DM in its mission: to explore new scientific concepts, to seek out new 2D materials and create disruptive technologies, to boldly go where no other research centre has gone before.


(*) Refreshments will be provided after the seminar. For planning purposes, please register by following the link below.

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