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2D Materials Forum (Feb 2016)

Lu Junpeng
Fri, 26/02/2016 - 12:15pm to 1:30pm
S16, Level 6, Theory conference room
Dr Liu Song / Asst. Prof Slaven Garaj
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Abstract: Optical pump-terahertz (THz) probe spectroscopy (OPTP) is a specific technique to investigate the carrier dynamics in nanostructures. In comparison to time-resolved PL technique, OPTP would not be influenced by low PL efficiency of the materials. As compared to other common ultrafast spectroscopy techniques, the powerful nature of OPTP spectroscopy stems from the facts that it is a coherent technique that can make both amplitude and phase measurements. This could reveal a wealth of information about materials that interact with THz wave, where the typical charge carrier scattering time is in picosecond range which corresponds to THz frequency range in the electromagnetic spectrum. This enables THz radiation interacts in a specific manner with charge carriers, facilitating THz wave the ideal probe for carrier dynamics. Furthermore, OPTP is also an effective tool to elucidate the defect-related trapping process due to the high sensitivity of THz probe to the carrier density and mobility.


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