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6th Recent Progress on Graphene Research

Sun, 21/09/2014 - 9:00am to Thu, 25/09/2014 - 6:00pm
Convention Center, Howard International House, Taipei, Taiwan
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After successful isolations of graphene in 2004, graphene has stimulated a considerable scientific activity that has now established a broad international community with interest in both fundamental properties and technological applications. The international conference of Recent Progress in Graphene Research (RPGR), which is one of the most important graphene conferences in the world, started since 2009; Seoul (2009), Singapore (2010), Suwon (2011), Beijing (2012), and Tokyo (2013). This conference aims at discussing and exchanging ideas on graphene and other novel two-dimensional atomic layered materials in academic circles and industries, and working as catalyst to in enhancing the development of two-dimensional material’s science and technology, particularly in Asian countries.

The 6th International Conference on “Recent Progress in Graphene Research” (RPGR2014), will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on September 21-25, 2014. On behalf of the Organizing Committees, it is my great honor to invite you and your colleagues to participate this exciting scientific and technological glittering occasion. The comprehensive scientific programs we prepare in RPGR 2014 will definitely stimulate intellectual interactions among participants to discuss the latest scientific and industrial developments of graphene and related researches. In addition to participating in this congress, I wish to invite each of you to experience the warm hospitality and the rich cultural heritage of the beautiful Island of Taiwan, which was formerly known as “Formosa”. We look forward to welcoming you to Taipei in September, 2014 with a very special and rewarding journey.

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