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Building Functional Nanosystems with 0D, 1D and 2D Nanostructures

Xiangfeng Duan (UCLA, USA)
Thu, 05/07/2012 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
S13-M01-11 (Physics Conference Room)
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Nanoscale integration of dissimilar materials with distinct compositions, structures and properties has the potential to create a new generation of integrated nanosystems with unique functions and/or unprecedented performance that can break the boundaries of traditional technologies. In this talk, I will first give a brief overview of diverse opportunities enabled by nanoscale integration of a wide range of 0D, 1D and 2D nanostructures, and then I will focus my discussions on the hetero-integration of graphene with a variety of nano and molecular scale structures to demonstrate the power and versatility material integration at nanoscale. A few examples will be discussed, including the integration of graphene with a self-aligned nanowire gate to create the highest speed graphene transistors, vertical integration of graphene with other layered materials to create multi-heterostructures for logic devices, integration of graphene with plasmonic nanostructures to create multi-color high speed photodetectors, and integration of graphene with various planar π-conjugating molecules for band gap engineering, molecular sensing and catalysis.

Speaker's bio:

Dr. Duan received the B.S degree in chemistry from University of Science and Technology and China (USTC) in 1997, M.A. degree in chemistry and Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from Harvard University in 1999 and 2002, respectively. He was a Founding Scientist, Principal Scientist and Manager of Advanced Technology at Nanosys Inc. from 2002 to 2008. He joined UCLA in 2008.

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