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Inside nature-branded journals

Dr. Luke Fleet (Senior Editor, Nature Physics, Nature Research)
Thu, 24/11/2016 - 11:00am
CA2DM Theory Common (S16-06)
Prof Vitor M. Pereira
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Nature-branded journals continue to strive to publish the most significant advances in science, whose importance can be appreciated not only by specialists, but can be communicated to broad audiences. This talk will give insight into nature’s journals, policies and procedures.

About the Speaker

Luke is a Senior Editor at Nature Physics, responsible for selecting and handling a broad range of manuscripts in applied physics. Following a PhD from the University of York, on semiconductor spintronics in collaboration with the RIEC at Tohoku University, he undertook postdoctoral research at Imperial College London and the London Centre for Nanotechnology in molecular spintronics and organic electronics. He joined Nature Research in 2013 as an assistant editor at Nature Communications, before moving to Nature Physics early in 2014.

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