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Nanomaterials on demand: from controlled growth to devices

Silvija Gradecak (MIT, USA)
Wed, 25/03/2015 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Physics Conference Room (S13-M01-11)
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Functionality of novel nanomaterials – including two dimensional (2D) ultrathin films, one dimensional (1D) nanowires/nanotubes, and zero dimensional (0D) nanocrystals – and their impact on society will be ultimately dictated by our understanding and ability to precisely control their structural properties, size uniformity, and dopant distribution at the atomic level. Over the past several years, we have revealed several important insights into the fundamental growth mechanisms in several nanowire compound materials systems, and more recently, we have used this knowledge to control composition and morphology of nanowires in-situ during the growth (“nanowires on demand”). These findings were enabled by the development of a unique growth system, as well as by direct structure-property correlation using state of the art electron microscopy techniques, some of which we have developed. In this talk, I will also discuss development of flexible and transparent nanostructured photovoltaic devices with power conversion efficiencies exceeding 9%. This new class of solar cells takes advantage of transparent graphene electrodes, quantum dot absorbers, and nanowire transport layers.

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