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Novel Electronic and Optical Phenomena in van der Waals Layers: Graphene and Beyond Graphene

Steven G. Louie (University of California at Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Tue, 24/06/2014 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
S13-M01-11 (Physics Conference Room)
Antonio Castro Neto
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Experimental and theoretical studies of atomically thin quasi two-dimensional materials (typically related to some parent van der Waals layered crystals) and their nanostructures have revealed that these systems can exhibit highly unusual behaviors.  In this talk, we discuss some theoretical studies of the electronic, transport and optical properties of such systems.  We present results on graphene and graphene nanostructures as well as other quasi 2D systems such as monolayer or few-layer transition metal dichalcogenides (e.g., MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, and WSe2).  Owing to their reduced dimensionality, these systems present opportunities for unusual manifestation of concepts/phenomena that may not be so prominent or have not been seen in bulk materials.  Symmetry and many-body interaction effects often play a critical role in shaping qualitatively and quantitatively their properties.  Several phenomena are discussed, exploring their physical origin and comparing theoretical predictions with experimental data.

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