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Process Innovation in Flexible Device Production Technology

Koji Hara (FUK Co.,LTD.)
Fri, 26/08/2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
CA2DM Theory Common Room (S16-06)
Oezyilmaz Barbaros
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Lamination technology is a manufacturing technology expected to expand in accordance with the rapid growth of the touch panel market. Making best use of their technologies, Flexible device manufacturers are enthusiastically developing higher-definition, thinner and more durable products to avoid commoditization of their products and boost their share. To manufacture in mass production, bonding automation is very important for cost, speed and stability. FUK provides innovative Lamination machinery that can digitize Lamination profiles with its numerically controlled process, which was difficult for traditional air-activating systems. This presentation introduces core technologies relating to Roll to Sheet auto machine, 3D lamination and Flexible OLED process, the trend of flexible device manufacturing process including cleansing of touch sensors, and the latest technologies in this field.

About the Speaker

Koji Hara is the General manager of Planning and Market Div. and President of FUK Taiwan Co.,LTD. He joined FUK Corporation in Feb 2010 after leaving a trade company specialized in materials of touch panels and liquid crystal display panels. In FUK, belonging to a market development department, the presenter has been engaged in market research of cutting-edge technology of processing displays such as LCD, touch panels and 3D displays while proposing optical processes or materials that can meet users' needs.

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