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Spectrum and excitation of magnetoplasmon-polaritons in 2D

Aires Ferreira (NUS)
Fri, 02/03/2012 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
S13-02-14 (Physics Resource Room, NUS)
Event Type: 
Theory Meetings

Graphene, being an one atom-thick metallic film, is an obvious candidate for investigations on surface-plasmon polaritons (SPP).
Recent research has already established a number of interesting results, namely, room temperature prominent absorption peaks, and nanoscopy of mid-infrared radiation confinement, just to mention a few. Besides its technological interest, research on plasmon-polaritons can also reveal important information on electron dynamics and many-body effects.

In the first part of this progress meeting, I review the general physical aspects of SPP: its spectrum, polarization and decay properties, as well as the main mechanisms for SPP excitation. Then, I show how to include the effect of an external magnetic field in the calculations. A rich structure, with extended crossovers between quasi-transverse electric and magnetoplasmon-polariton modes, is shown to emerge in graphene, as a consequence of characteristic Shubnikov–de Haas oscillations in the magneto-optical response.

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