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Spintronics at the single-molecule level

Enrique del Barco (Physics Department, U. Central Florida, USA)
Wed, 19/06/2013 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
S13-M01-11 (Physics Conference Room)
Barbaros Oezyilmaz
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Electrical transport properties of individual molecules have received considerable attention over the last several years due to the introduction of single-electron transistor (SET) devices. The potential of single-electron transport spectroscopy for the understanding of the fundamental physics and chemistry of individual molecules has been recently demonstrated by various breakthrough experimental discoveries. For example, transport excitations associated with fundamental vibrational modes of an individual C60 molecule in a SET have been reported. More recently, groups at Cornell and Harvard have observed the Kondo effect in individual paramagnetic molecules. Along these lines, single-molecule magnets (SMMs) will provide a unique venue for probing novel aspects of the interplay between conduction electrons and molecular spin levels. I will discuss some of the phenomena expected to be observed in the conductance through a SMM-based SET. I will also describe the fabrication procedure and characterization of three terminal single-electron transistor devices utilizing Al/Al2O3 gate electrodes developed for these studies. The devices are patterned via multiple layers of optical and electron beam lithography. Electromigration induced breaking of the nanowires reliably produces 1-3 nm gaps in between which the SMM is sandwiched. Preliminary results of the conductance through a Mn4 SMM displaying the coulomb blockade effect with several excitations that bend with the magnetic field have already been obtained.

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