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Key Stakeholders

The overarching goals of OII are dependent on the stimulation and nurturing of diverse opportunities for collaboration. Its success requires the active participation and commitment of the two main groups of stakeholders:

  • leading academic researchers;
  • industry research and development professionals.

We strongly believe that multiple streams of benefits will accrue from the largely untapped potential of synergistic cooperation between these core components of the overall structure.

Leading Academic Researchers

Experts in 2D materials are at the forefront of research. There are real-time industry needs that await resolution through very specific technological solutions. These experts bring on board their suite of specialised knowledge and skills in 2D materials for

  • Collaboration on industry projects
  • Joint development of innovation
  • Enriching a stimulating environment of like-minded experts
  • Spin-off opportunities

Industry Research and Development Professionals

What is being offered

  • Cutting-Edge Discoveries at the forefront of global explosion in 2D materials research
  • Customised Expert Consultation from the best minds in the world of 2D materials research
  • Joint Development of Innovation leveraging on distinctive competitive advantages.

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