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3M Young Scientist award and gold poster award

The research project  “Synthesis, Characterization and High Performance Energy Storage Studies on MgCo2O4 and MnCo2O4 as Anode Materials for Lithium-ion Batteries” was chosen as the top project in the Physics, Chemistry and Engineering categories and won the "3M Young Scientist award and distinction (Gold) poster award" in the 18th Youth Science Conference, Singapore.

Congratulations to OUYANG Tianyu, XU Yiming, VALAVAN Rajarajan, CHONG Ai Lin (NUS High Schoo)l,  M.V. Reddy (NUS Physics Department and GRC), K.P. Loh (NUS Chemistry Department) and B. V. R. Chowdari (NUS Physics Department).

VIP Presentation (Students from NUS High School)


3M Young Scientist Award (Students from NUS High School)


Distinction (Gold) posted award


3 Distinction (Gold)  & 1 Merit poster award

(Students from NUSHigh school, River Valley high school, St Joseph’s Institution , Hwa Chong Institution)

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