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Grafoid raises $3.5 million from private investors on the way to MesoGraf mass production

Grafoid, major stakeholder of the NUS and GRC spin-off Graphite Zero, announced that they completed a new funding round from private investors, raising just over $3.5 million USD.

Earlier in 2013 the company raised a further $1.5 million, which means the company raised over $5 million USD since the beginning of 2013.

Earlier this year, Grafoid's CEO gave a speech in Singapore where he unveiled investment in bulk production of MesoGraf™ graphene, an economically scalable suite of graphene products that can be tailored to both industrial and commercial applications.

A global platform between Focus Graphite, Grafoid and Graphite Zero was launched, in which Focus Graphite is a source of high-grade, high-purity graphite, Graphite Zero manages R&D and MesoGraf™ production and Grafoid is responsible for managing business and IP development, corporate and investor relations and marketing.

The platform is said to offer the most direct, clearest, fastest, affordable way towards graphene’s commercialization on a global scale, using a one-step, non-destructive and environmentally sustainable chemical process in the production of MesoGraf™.



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