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Prof Loh Kian Ping awarded new NRF Investigatorship for Graphene Oxide project

In the 8th press release by the Research Innovation Enterprise Council, the newly created NRF Investigatorship was announced, providing opportunities for established, innovative and active scientists and researchers, in their mid-career, to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk research. It is designed to support a small number of excellent Principal Investigators (PIs) who have a track record of research achievements that identify them as leaders in their respective field(s) of research.

Dr Loh Kian Ping, an original founder of the Graphene Research Centre and now head of the Beyond Graphene group of the Center of Advanced 2D Materials, was awarded this new NRF Investigatorship for the project "Graphene oxide: a new class of catalytic, ionic and molecular sieving material".

RIEC also recognizes the progress made in building capabilities in promising technological areas, namely via the Medium Sized Centre funding scheme, which funded the new Centre for Advanced 2D Materials.

For more information, see the RIEC Press Release, linked below.

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