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Visit by the Rector of Mackenzie University, Brazil

Universidade Mackenzie Cingapura

The Rector of Mackenzie Presbyterian University (MPU), Prof. Benedito Guimaraes Aguiar Neto, and Prof. Eunezio de Souza, leader of the Photonics Group at MPU, visited GC for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between MPU, represented by Prof. Aguiar Neto, and NUS, represented by President Tan Chorh Chuan.

As a result of the agreement, MPU will start a graphene-based opto-electronics laboratory that will be the "brother" lab of GC in Brazil. This agreement between MPU and NUS will allow exchange of researchers, postdocs and students between the two institutions.

During his visit to Singapore, Prof. Aguiar Neto and Prof. de Souza visited the Brazilian Embassador in Singapore, Dr. Luís Fernando de Andrade Serra, to discuss the addition of Singapore to the "Science without borders" program created recently by the Brazilian government. This program will award 75,000 scholarships in the next four years, for the exchange of graduate and undergraduate students. 

From left to right: Prof. Aguiar Neto, Ambassador Andrade Serra, Mr. Herbert de Magalhaes Drummond Neto (Head of the Trade Sector of the Brazilian Embassy), Prof. Castro Neto, and Prof. de Souza, at the Brazilian Embassy in Singapore.

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