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Joint Development Opportunities

Over the years, researchers at the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials have carried out work across a wide range of areas involving many different 2D materials.

We are proud to present a suite of inventions with the potential for exciting applications that awaiting partnerships with far-sighted companies. These inventions cover the gamut of areas like fabrication, electronics, energy storage and photonics.

If you have any interest in exploring joint development work in any of the above, please contact the Office of Industry and Innovation at

Application Areas

Our pipeline of inventions awaiting approval for the award of patents is extensive and growing. You can make enquiries about any area of interest relevant to you. Application areas that can be derived from CA2DM-GRC‘s research include:

  • Fabrication Processes
  • Life sciences (diagnostic, stem cells, tissue engineering)
  • Energy storage
  • Device memory/FETs
  • Touchscreens
  • Photonic and plasmonic devices
  • Optical sensors
  • Spintronics devices
  • Lasers
  • Photo anodes for PEC solar cells
  • Recycling or treatments of e-waste
  • Biocompatible coatings

Portfolio of Scientifically-Proven Principles for Collaboration and Licensing

Patents Update

Title Synthesis of three-dimensional graphene foam – use as supercapacitors
Inventors      Jonghak, Lee, Barbaros, Ozyilmaz, and Orhan, Kahya
US Patent Application No.  14/396,000
US Patent No. 9,352,500
Issued on 31 May 2016
Brief Details                 A carbon source is mixed with a group IV-B metal skelet (scaffold) powder to form a close packed 3D crystalline structure after pressure is applied
Potential Applications                   
  1. Soft, portable electronic products, roll-up displays, wearable devices that require flexible power sources; 
  2. Applications requiring high specific capacity, stable cyclical volumes, good rate capability  and fast charging speed;
  3. Improved substitute, with high surface area, high Li capacity, and high conductivity, for activated carbon electrodes in supercapacitors;
  4. Gas storage, separations and catalysis related applications.


Title Methods of nondestructively delaminating graphene from a metal substrate
Inventors      Kian Ping, Loh and Yu, Wang
US Patent Application No.  14/344,040
US Patent No. 9,272,910
Issued on 1 March 2016
Brief Details                 Graphene film is delaminated while preserving its metal substrate
Potential Applications 
  1. Cost-savings and cost-effectiveness from re-using or recycling metal substrates for
    multiple cycles as the substrates are not damaged or consumed in the delamination process;
  2. Integration with industrial-scale “roll-and-release” film-transfer techniques;
  3. Removing microscale-patterned graphene from a metal substrate;
  4. Formation of functionalized graphene using nanocrystals and nanoparticles.  


Title Porous Graphene Oxide Materials
Inventors      Kian Ping, Loh and Chen Liang, Su
US Patent Application No.  14/407,409 
US Patent No. 9,180,442
Issued on 10 November 2015
Brief Details                 Method of preparing a porous graphene oxide (GO) material
Potential Applications            
  1. Alternative high catalytic and highly magnetic catalysts in place of current expensive metal catalysts
    in various reactions, e.g. oxidations, reductions, Suzuki coupling reactions, oxygen reduction reactions
    and oxidation-reduction tandem reactions;
  2. Bifunctional catalysts that contain a second catalyst such as Pd, Pt, Au, Cu, V2O5, Co, Rh, Ru,
    Ni and Fe, for tandem oxygen activation and hydrogen action reactions.

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